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Completely crazy over comps!

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Complimentary (comp) points are a traditional way for casinos to reward their players. You get comp points for your wagers on casino games. Those points can later be converted into cash or used to redeem prizes and gifts.

At Treasure Island Jackpots (Sloto Cash Casino Mirror) you begin earning comp points automatically. It couldn’t be simpler. You don’t have to sign up to a special loyalty program as land-based casinos demand you to do; only then to receive a reward card that you must present at every table or casino slot you visit. At Treasure Island Jackpots (Sloto Cash Casino Mirror) the comps are generated as you play from day one.

Comp points are essential for you to get more play-time and bigger chances of winning at casino games.

How to use your comps?

Visit the Treasure Island Jackpots (Sloto Cash Casino Mirror) cashier and open the “My account” tab. Click on “Comp Points” to see how many comps you have. For every 100 comps you can get $1. You are welcome to redeem as many points as you’d like every time.

How to get more comps?

If you want to generate comps at a higher rate, then you can apply to our VIP Program. VIPs get comps at a higher rate on most Treasure Island Jackpots (Sloto Cash Casino Mirror) games.

The importance of comp points